Active Birth Workshop



We had a wonderful Active Birth Preparation Workshop yesterday at Ananta Yoga Studio  Wicklow.  All the participants expressed their gratitude and said they were really glad they attended.  All said they felt  much more prepared for birth now.

We covered things like recognising the signs of labour and how to know when its time to go to hospital, things to do before and during labour to facilitate an easier quicker birth with less medical intervention. We learned about some useful things to bring to hospital that might not be on the standard  hospital list.  The dads learned tools for keeping the mother comfortable and helping the labour along. Here are some of the comments from our participants:

“Really enjoyed the class, would highly recommend to anyone especially as I am an anxious person, I feel more prepared now”

“The information provided was very interesting, I think this would be good to know for many people”

“Thank you very much Carmel and Ellen, I feel much more confident of my ability to have the kind of birth experience I want”

Although there was much information to take in, the mood was light and jovial with plenty of jokes and laughs.   After learning the acupressure points to calm the mother during labour one of the dads remarked that he was delighted to have finally learned the ‘off switch’ which he hoped to use in other situations.  We had a lovely lunch together in the beautiful Tap Cafe beneath the studio.

Our next workshop will take place in early October.  Places are limited so anyone who thinks they might like to attend should register their interest now by contacting YogaMums or calling Carmel on 086 1257843.