“Well I don’t know how to thank you, yoga rules!  Only at hospital an hour when James was born, 32 mins after I was examined, half oz shy of 8lbs.   Gas and air only…  don’t even feel like I’ve given birth.  Thank you so much.”

~ Rachel, Newtownmountkennedy

Carmel’s pregnancy yoga class is relaxing, and enjoyable. Makes you feel good to lightly exercise in a safe way while pregnant. Lovely to chat to other mums to be and I’ve now got plenty of tools under my belt for the big day!  

~ Lí Uí Bhriain

“just to let you know our beautiful daughter Moya arrived last night.  Everything went fantastic and very fast.  Got home this morning.  Would like to thank you sincerely for the last few months of both physical and mental preparation that truly helped me in the hard hours last night.  Look forward to seeing you soon”.

~ Sarah, Greystones

“thanks for all your help in yoga, the 3 stage breathing really helped with anxiety during the c-section and the pain this morning, thanks again.

~ Caragh, Greystones

“… Baby Lilly was born yesterday at 12.18pm weighing 8lbs 6oz.  Contractions only started at 7.15am so it was a mad dash to the hospital and I delivered within an hour of being there!!!! Baby was op so doc had to turn her to get her out.  I survived on gas and air and yoga breathing!  Thank you so much for everything and tell the other girls I said best of luck.”

~ Rachel, Greystones

“just to let you know that me and Dylan are doing great 6 days on.  Tell the girls to keep doing their ball exercise and breathing, these and walking got me through the contractions…     Your classes teach so much even when you don’t realise it and I can’t thank you enough.”

~ Nicola Hatton, Greystones

“Shauna May was born at 11.45pm on Sat 17th, she’s so gorgeous! She weighs 8lb 1 oz.  The yoga kept me so calm and focused, thank you so much! “

~ Jenny , Greystones

“Just wanted to let you know that our son Daragh was born at home on Thurs afternoon (12 days late).  8lbs 10oz.  It was a lovely birth which his big brother considerately slept through, waking to meet him the minute he was born.  Thanks so much for your great classes, they were very informative and I also relished the opportunity to stretch and relax each week.  Btw, the complete breath worked wonderfully for me throughout the birth.  Thanks again.”

~ Michelle, Kilcoole

“ … I had a big 9lbs 5oz baby girl tonight after just 8 mins of pushing.  Stayed on the ball till I was ready to push and only a small tear on same place as last time.  Thanks you so much for all your help.”

~ Catriona, Kilcoole