New Half Day Antenatal Workshops

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Introducing our new half-day antenatal workshops to help prepare you and your partner for the very important event of your baby’s birth.  After the success of our midwife-led one-day antenatal workshops, we are now launching a similar program delivered in a shorter time.  All the same advice and support but condensed into half a day and facilitated by an antenatal instructor. 


Some students in our pregnancy yoga classes have been asking for a shorter active birth workshop as they found it difficult to get their partner to commit to the full day one so we came up with this idea.  We are holding these workshops once a month and you do not have to be in the pregnancy yoga class to attend as it is open to everyone. You and your partner will learn useful techniques to give you more confidence and knowledge to help make the labour and birth a memorable experience for all the right reasons. 

The difference between the one day workshop and the half day one is that the information is trimmed to the bare minimum so it’s not as comprehensive a the full day one.  Although the material and information is the same, the workshop is facilitated by an active birth antenatal instructor and there is no midwife present.  It cannot be claimed on health insurance.   If you can attend the full day workshop we recommend you do that as you will learn at a more relaxed pace, will understand birth better and have more time to practice the techniques in the class with the help of the teacher, this is simply an alternative we provide for people who are limited in time or on a tight budget.  If you want to stack the odds in your favour to have the healthiest, most positive birth experience possible then it’s better to do the full day. 

The next half-day workshop will be coming up soon. 

Please contact us for upcoming dates and book your place  <<<Contact US 

You can see the full programme here on the YogaMums Active Birth Workshop Page.