Mums Dads Bumps and a Wedding Fair, what!?

active-birth-workshopsWhile hundreds of couples attended the annual Glenview Hotel Wedding Fair today, six couples, two midwives, a yoga instructor and our lovely assistant Martha, were all quietly tucked away in another room upstairs learning all about labour and birth.   What a lovely bunch of people and what a successful day it was.

As usual we covered a whole range of topics related to labour and birth such as; how do you know when labour starts, when should you go to hospital with contractions, epidural risks and benefits, pain relief during labour, breastfeeding.

As usual the favourite parts were:  stages of labour, birth plans, using a birthing ball, breathing for labour, positions for labour, pregnancy massage, massage for labour, accupressure.

Everyone enjoyed the day and said they got so much out of it.  Here are some of the comments from our participants:

“Absolutely fantastic, especially for the partners together.  We had a fantastic day overall.  I have done a lot of research myself but it’s great to hear from Carmel and the midwives and there is always something new to learn.  Especially helpful for my partner and excellent to do this together.  Thank you so much, I’m feeling so informed and much more prepared for the challenge ahead”   Elaine and John, Greystones

“It is a must for any expecting couple”  John Hennessy

“Really useful workshop to get advice from knowledgeable friendly tutor and midwives.  Some great advice and tips to make the day run as smoothly as possible and give us security that we are as prepared as can be.”  Paul O’Brien, Arklow

“I feel more confident going into hospital now knowing my rights on what I can insist on in the hospital and not be a passive recipient of a timed medical birth.  I also feel more confident in managing pain”  Aisling, Arklow

“Very informative class, I feel a lot more prepared for the birth, more relaxed and determined, thanks for a great day” Melissa, Wexford

“This workshop gives great advice and info which allows you to make better decisions about the birth.  It has helped me to make my partner more comfortable during labour” John, Wexford

“Today Carmel’s workshop left me feeling that ‘I can do this!’ and my mind is a lot clearer and calmer.  Thank you so much Carmel for all your input, really enjoyed the day!” Patricia, Greystones

“An extremely informative and insightful day that allows you to fully consider all your options for labour and birth” Jessica, Greystones

And my personal favourite…

“Trust me its very good.  If you think you know what you are in for, you dont!  Do the course!”  Patrick, Greystones

I think we can safely say it was a successful workshop.  Thanks to all our participants and we wish you the very best for a great birth.

The YogaMums Active Birth Workshop team.

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