Mum & Baby Yoga

Mum & Baby Yoga

Suitable for mothers and babies from 6wks to 1 year


Mum & Baby Yoga Class Greystones

A yoga class for mothers where you can bring your baby along.  The class is playful and fun with rhymes and songs for the babies so they also enjoy it. The aim is to gently strengthen and tone areas of the body that have been challenged during the pregnancy and birth process, restore the pelvic floor and build core strength.

park-academy-childcare-baby-yoga-classIt is recommended that you do at least one course of these postnatal yoga classes before moving on to other forms of body toning exercise such as Gym, Pilates, Yoga (regular), Aerobics, Running, or Dancing.   It is especially recommended before returning to high-impact exercise such as aerobics, running, or dancing as otherwise there is a risk of long-term injury to the body.

IMG_1199Participants must be min 6 weeks post-partum (8 weeks for c-section babies).
Joining this class is a great way to get to know other new mums in your area.

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Prices for Mum & Baby Yoga Classes

Mum & Baby Yoga 6 wk course – €120

  • The class is taught by a fully certified registered instructor.
  • Includes all handouts and home learning supports.
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