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Pregnancy Yoga

pregnancy yoga classes

This gentle yoga class for pregnant women is suitable for all levels, including complete beginners.  These pregnancy classes are very informative. They will help you feel more confident in your body’s ability to carry and birth your baby. You will also learn useful relaxation and breathing techniques for labour. Better health, better sleep, more energy and a chance to meet new friends are just a few of the many benefits you will gain from this class.

You can join the class anytime after your 14th week when a place becomes available. It is never too late to start and you can attend for as long as you like in order to get the benefit of a weekly yoga class throughout your pregnancy.   Obviously the more yoga you do the more health benefits you will receive from it.  Many women take this class the whole way through their pregnancy.

This is what our clients say about our classes:

I highly recommended Carmel’s preganacy yoga and active birth workshop to anyone expecting!! Every minute of every class was amazing. I learned so much from Carmel about pregnancy and birth during the yoga classes. It was down to the active birth workshop that I was able to achieve such a positive birth experience; it gave me and ian confidence and encouragement we needed so that we could have the natural birth we hoped for. Thank you Carmel for the amazing work you do  Nadine Tyler Hall


This class is suitable for everyone including complete beginners to yoga, a confidential detailed medical history is taken and the teacher is trained to work around most special situations.  However, women who fall into high-risk category should check with their doctor before taking this class.

Fees for pregnancy yoga

  • Classes start at €15
  • book a block of classes or pay-as-you-go  

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*Mothers who fall into high risk category should check with their doctor before taking this class.