I love Greystones

This video came across my desktop this morning and I can’t help but share it. I feel so lucky to live here in this beautiful town.  We moved here when my second son was just a few months old.  So I have been here for more than twenty years.  In that time I have seen this town go through tremendous changes.

Greystones was always a nice town but with all the new developments both in the town center and the residential areas the town has really blossomed.    The residential units at Charlesland and Delgany Wood in recent years caused the population to increase dramatically and many of the newcomers were young families.  This led to the need for new schools and other facilities.

Greystones has a long-standing reputation for good food with several award winning restaurants and in recent years we have seen the opening of many more eateries and cafes, too many to mention, which provide a host of different styles of eating for the many daytrippers.  People come from far and wide to enjoy the holiday atmosphere of the town with it’s beaches and nature walks.  Being on the Dart line allows people from Dublin City to hop on the train and and enjoy a mini one-day vacation in Greystones.  The famous Bray to Greystones cliff walk is very popular with hiking and nature enthuasists as is the harbour with sailing enthusiasts.

Although it was a long painstaking process the development of the new Greystones harbour has brought a new lease of life to a part of town that was badly in need of a boost.  The new market, cafes and bars that subsequently opened are already a bustling hive of activity on the weekends.  The new housing development at the harbour is nearing completion and will be a highly sought after place to live.

Our most famous business of course is the Happy Pear Cafe owned by the Flynn twins, Stephen and Dave.  I have known these lads for many years and have witnessed how hard they have worked to build this fantastic business.  Not only have they built a successful business but they have build around them a community of people who are interested in healthy eating, healthy living and making the world a healthier happier place.

Through my work as a pregnancy yoga teacher I have been fortunate to meet so many young families in the area.  As I stroll through the town on any given day I am bound to meet some of the mums from my Greystones yoga classes with their little and not so little ones.  I am often shocked to see how the children who were once bumps in the yoga class have grown into beautiful young people.

So this morning as I sit here and write this piece after watching that fab video of Greystones, my heart swelling with pride and nostalgia, I can’t help feeling mega grateful for the life I have had here with my family over the past twenty two years.  I am grateful for all the people I have met through my yoga classes in Greystones, some who have become good friends, I am grateful for all my wonderful friends and neighbours and the fabulous community we have here in this lovely seaside town of the garden county of Wicklow.