FAQS Pregnancy Yoga

General information and frequently asked questions


Why choose this class?

Expert Teacher:  Carmel trained in London with some of the most renowned experts in the fields of yoga and pregnancy.  She has been privileged to study with Pregnancy Yoga Guru, Janet Balaskas, and with famous French Obstetrician, Dr Michel Odent.  Carmel has been running pregnancy yoga classes in Co Wicklow for more than ten years, teaching hundreds of women. Carmel practiced yoga while pregnant herself and found it very helpful.  She has given birth to three children.   Her birth experiences ranged from a medically managed hospital birth, a natural hospital birth and a natural home birth.


Is this class safe for pregnancy?

Yoga Mums classes 100% Safe for all pregnant women:  Some things done in ordinary yoga or pilates classes are unsafe during pregnancy. Well-trained yoga teachers will be aware of this and will often facilitate a pregnant student in their class.  However, most yoga teachers prefer their pregnant students to attend a specialised pre-natal yoga class in order to meet their changing needs.  This also frees their regular teacher from having to guard their safety during the class.  After the pre and post natal period has passed, you can return to your regular class.  If you are new to yoga we can recommend a suitable class for you to continue with your practice.

Why are pregnancy yoga classes more expensive than ordinary yoga?

Pregnancy yoga is more expensive because it’s a highly specialised area.  Some yoga classes are cheaper but it’s worth bearing in mind that not all pregnancy yoga teachers have the same training and there is no regulation in Ireland.  If you are planning to attend a pregnancy yoga class you should always ask about the teacher’s training.  You and your baby are precious and you deserve to get the best possible care.

I have never done yoga before, can I still come to this class?

Many women who come to pregnancy yoga are complete beginners or have done just a little yoga before.   Most women find they easily manage all the exercises.  Clear guidance is given and strict safety protocols are followed.    Some women find it takes them a few weeks to really get into the relaxation part of the class, especially those who have been living a very stressful lifestyle (the ones who need it most).  However, once they do it a few times they usually come to love it.

What if I have a special situation or a medical condition, can I still do pregnancy yoga?

Yoga Mums classes are suitable for most pregnant women.  The teacher is trained to work around special situations including many medical conditions.  Women who fall into high-risk category should check with their doctor before taking this class.

When can I start

You can start any time after your 14th week of pregnancy and continue for as long as you like.  Many mums take this class the whole way through their pregnancy to get the full benefits of a weekly class.  Better sleep and a fitter healthier pregnancy are just a few of the benefits you can expect.

pregnancy yoga classesAre there any other benefits besides physical health and fitness?

Mental training and emotional support:  Pregnancy is an extraordinary phase of life during which the woman goes through huge changes on all levels. It is impossible for anyone to know how a particular woman will experience the changes that are brought on by her transition into motherhood. For some women, it is a quiet peaceful time while for others it can be an emotional rollercoaster.  Yoga Mums classes are designed to support all the changes a woman goes through during pregnancy and birth, training you both physically and mentally to cope with the rigours of pregnancy and make the whole experience more enjoyable.

What do I need to wear or bring for class?

what-to-wear-or-bring-to-yogaLoose comfortable clothing, a yoga mat and a small blanket:

Yoga mats are available in most sports shops and also in some high street stores such as TK Max, Argos, Tesco and Heatons.  A small fleece, wool or cotton blanket that is light and easy to carry. Dress in loose comfortable clothing with a long sleeved sweatshirt/jumper plus socks for the relaxation at the end of class.  This is important even during the summer as the muscles relax better when they are kept warm.

Gym/Birth Balls

We sometimes use gym/birth balls in the pregnancy yoga class and in the Active Birth Antenatal Workshops; if you want to get one they are available in most sports shops and also in high street stores such as Argos, Tesco, Heatons and sometimes in Lidl and Aldi.  The ideal size is 65cm unless you are very short, in which case you should get 55cm.  If you are planning to use it for the birth its worth noting that some hospitals insist on balls having the ‘CE Mark’ (European health and safety mark).

what to eat before classIs it ok to eat before coming to class?

Eat light or preferable not at all:

It is best not to eat for at least an hour before class, even longer for a heavy meal.

If you must eat something close to the time of your yoga class then make it something really light and easy to digest such as yogurt or fruit.


There are several booking options available, some allow you the flexibility to take some weeks off if needed.  Contact us for our current fee schedule  >>> Contact us