Dr Jacky Jones highlights the problems in the Irish maternity system

worried-pregnant-woman-picBrilliant article in the Irish Times today by Dr Jacky Jones highlighting the problems in the Irish Maternity System. All pregnant women in Ireland need to read it.  It’s wise to check the induction rates and C-section rates in your hospital. The variation will astound you. The stats show that your choice of hospital or caregiver could lead to you having unnecessary surgery or other invasive procedures during birth.  Most women do not even know they have a choice as their GP will have just sent them along a particular hospital under the care of a particular consultant.

Of course you can change caregiver or hospital at any time, it is your right to do so.  If you are not happy with the safety, rates of inductions or C-sections at your hospital then you can seek out an alternative. At very least it’s advisable to have a birth plan, discuss it with your caregiver,get them to sign off on it and put it in your file.

Our system is set up in such a way that makes natural birth almost impossible. Never mind what you were told in the hospital antenatal class,  the information given in the hospital antenatal class is biased towards the procedures in that particular hospital and not based on up-to-date best practice in childbirth.  You might be told that you can have this or that and certain things are standard practice in that hospital such as optimal cord clamping  and no baby formula given to breastfed babies but feedback from our mums tell us that it doesn’t always play out like that on the day.  These things might seem trivial but they are far from it.  Studies show that the care a woman and baby receive during pregnancy, birth and the early post natal period have a profound impact on their lifelong health and wellbeing.

In our Active Birth Antenatal Workshops we educate you about birth and give you unbiased information about birth interventions. We help you write a birth plan. We teach you how to navigate the Irish maternity system to get the best birth possible for you and your baby. We teach your partner how to support you in labour and teach you how to manage the labour so you can avoid unnecessary medical interventions and have the best outcome in every way possible.  You can read more about our Active Birth Workshops and see upcoming dates here.