Benefits of Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga is the one exercise that is consistently recognised as being the safest and most beneficial during pregnancy.  It not only stretches and tones all the right areas to best support a woman’s changing body but also provides many other health benefits for the woman and her baby.

pregnant woman

The stimulation of the endocrine system that happens naturally with the practice of yoga in pregnancy can improve general health and bring unexpected benefits.  Women find that they sleep better, have more energy and are generally in a better mood.  Yoga can also help alleviate the discomfort of pregnancy ailments such as nausea, heartburn and swelling of the feet and hands.

Just learning to breathe better and deeper is a benefit we can all do with whether pregnant or not but in pregnancy this becomes even more important as we are breathing for two.  Babies needs to be getting a good supply of oxygen in order to develop a healthy strong body.

We all breathe properly when we are born but throughout our lives we sometimes develop poor breathing habits and this can adversely affect our health.  In a specialised pregnancy yoga class such as those run byYogaMums, much emphasis is put on re-learning how to breathe properly.

Of course the most obvious benefit of doing yoga during pregnancy and the reason it is so highly recommended is because of the way it helps a woman through labour. Women who have done yoga during pregnancy stand out in the birthing room because of their ability to stay calm and focussed during the birth.  Mothers who have attended YogaMums pregnancy classes have reported back that the midwife knew they had done yoga just by the way they were behaving, how they were breathing and how calm they were during the birth.

Of course just like any other form of exercise, in order to gain the benefits of yoga in pregnancy one needs to practice regularly.  There is no point in buying a gym membership, going a few times and expecting to be fit,  lose weight and look good in your bikini, you need to attend regularly.  The benefits of yoga are cumulative, the women who derive most benefit from pregnancy yoga are those who attend a weekly class throughout their pregnancy.

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