Antenatal Birth Preparation Workshop

Another great Active Birth Antenatal Workshop yesterday at the Glenview Hotel, six more couples now thoroughly prepared for a fantastic birth.

Here are some comments and testimonials from our participants: active-birth-workshops

“Very informative, lots of helpful tips and advice for all aspects of the labour and birth.  Overall found the workshop extremely helpful, feeling a lot more at ease now about the labour and birth.  More informed on all aspects”  Donna Cahill

“Very informative from start to finish.  All parts were helpful.  The workshop provided us both with added tools and information to help with an easy transition into the final stages of pregnancy” Colm Kelly

“A very useful day to make you feel confident and calm about the whole process.  making you believe in yourself that you can do this.  Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable day.  Highly recommend”  Eithne

“I came here today feeling a little bit nervous about labour and stages leading up to labour but now I have more understanding and feeling more relaxed about it all” Siobhan

“very informative class, I now feel more confident about the upcoming birth”  Daniel

“I liked that my husband and I did it together and I feel that we are both prepared for what is ahead of us.  I feel really positive about labour and delivery now.”  Suzanne McEvoy

“This was a well rounded and informative workshop which met the needs and expectations of an expectant couple” John

“You might think you know things but this really opened my eyes and mind to a different approach.  Really enjoyed it and glad I came”. Jennifer

“Just go to inform yourself!”  Rory

Favourite parts were: the breathing and positions for labour with partner involved, accupressure for birth, massage, information on hormones, stages of labour, breastfeeding information and techniques, how my husband can help me through the labour.

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