Active Birth Antenatal

Active Birth Antenatal Workshop

One-day birth preparation workshop taught by a prenatal yoga teacher and a midwife. Suitable for expectant mothers with their birth partner from 24 weeks onwards

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Sunday 12th May, 2019**

** dates subject to change, please contact us to register your interest so we can notify you of any changes

active-birth-workshopsThe Active Birth Antenatal Workshop is based on the principle that, when properly informed and prepared, the mother and her birth partner can profoundly affect the birth in the best possible way, resulting in a better outcome and a happier and healthier mother and baby.  The mother becomes an active birth giver rather than a passive patient, therefore needing less medical intervention and taking fewer drugs. All modern studies conclude this is the safest way to birth for normal low-risk mothers and babies.

This workshop has been developed using information from cutting-edge research about birth from the World Health Organisation, the NICE guidelines for best practice, doctors, midwives, psychologists, scientists and most importantly, feedback from new parents. It is designed to give you exactly the kind of information and tools you need to get you through what is probably one of the most important events of your life.

Having taken this workshop you and your partner are more likely to become active participants in the birth. You will make more empowered choices along the way which will benefit you and your baby in the short and the long-term

“Wonderful way to educate and prepare yourself for a very important time in your life.  Full of up to date information on birth”.  Sinead, Bray Co Wicklow –  Feb 2016

“Very helpful in demistifying birth in the modern world.”   David Lockey, Bray Co Wicklow – Feb 2016

IMG_1077“I found this workshop very helpful, I came here thinking I knew most of it but I learned so much more.  Every part of it was great but I especially loved the massage and relaxation tips with breathing.   I found the instructor very positive and delivered the information in a lovely way.  I feel so relaxed and positive about my birth now.”   Linda, Newtownmountkennedy, Co Wicklow – Feb 2016

“Reminded me of a lot of things I completely forgot from the birth of our first child.  Now I feel extremely confident on what to do.  My favourite part was the hands on massages and working with our partner.”  Gavin, Bray Co Wicklow – Feb 2016

“Deffo worth attending, very useful and got rid of most of my fears”.   Hazel, Bray, Co Wicklow –  Feb 2016

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There is much in the media recently about the high number of c-section births in Ireland.  While these lifesaving interventions are sometimes necessary they do come with risks and side effects.   Because of such risks the WHO have set safety rates for caesarean births at a maximum of 15%; Ireland is currently more than double that rate at an average of 30%, that’s one in every three births!  We do not know the exact reasons for our high figures.   We do know that a supportive birth partner can make all the difference in helping the labour along and minimising the need for medical interventions.
“We highly recommend this course – the partners will come out feeling more confident of their role on and leading up to the big day and mum-to-be will come out thinking ‘I can do this!'”
Jeanine & Kieran Murphy, Greystones – 1 Aug 2013
With the maternity hospitals in Ireland so busy and staffing levels so low, midwives are often left to care for several women at the same time.  During birth, the father often ends up feeling like a helpless bystander.  The mother may need him to help and he may want to help but he doesn’t know what he can do in this situation.  During this hands-on practical workshop, the father or birth partner will learn plenty of tools to provide just the right kind of support to help the labour along and keep the mother as comfortable as possible both during and after the birth.

Birth can be unpredictable and things may happen that are completely out of our control, we are lucky in Ireland to have some of the finest Obstetric surgeons in the world should their skills be needed.

Regardless of how a birth goes, evidence shows that parents who get involved as active participants are more satisfied with the outcome than those who do not.IMG_1088 (2)

Basic program outline

Topics covered include:

    • Understanding the birth process so you and your partner know what to expect.
    • Understanding what happens when you go to hospital.
    • Examinations and medical procedures – what they are and why they are done.
    • Your key birthing hormones and how to keep them flowing.
    • Medical pain relief. Natural pain relief.
    • Breathing and relaxation techniques.
    • Labour and birth positions for most comfort and best outcome.
    • How to get extra space in your pelvic outlet for an easier healthier birth.
    • Practical tips on stress reduction in the hospital environment
    • Partner’s role and ideas for maximising their support
    • Optimal foetal positioning before and during birth. What you can do to help this.
    • Looking after you’re precious ‘down there’ and how to minimise the chance of having an episiotomy or a large tear.
    • How to create a birth plan with realistic expectations
    • How pregnancy yoga helps for an easier healthier birth
    • How to navigate the hospital system and have good relationship with caregivers
    • Massage techniques to reduce pain and help the mother feel more comfortable
    • Acupressure techniques to help labour progress and ease pain
    • The importance of the first hour after birth
    • Breastfeeding and caring for your baby in the early hours and days.

This is a great way for you and your partner to have special time focused on the new baby.  It’s also a nice way to meet other expectant parents and perhaps make some new friends.   We take lunch together in the Restaurant on the premises.

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Full Day Workshop

Venue:  Glenview Hotel,  Delgany, Co Wicklow  – Or another venue in Greystones/Bray

Time:     10.30am – 4.30pm

Fee:       €180*  per expectant mother – partners go free.  (Lunch not included in price)

* Our full day workshop with a midwife is reclaimable on Health Insurance

Please note:  It is recommended you book in advance as the workshops usually fill up.   This workshop can also be taken privately at a time that suits you, a private workshop takes 3  hours and there would be slight modifications.

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Please note:  while we advocate and promote gentle birth as a concept, this is not a GentleBirth hypnobirthing workshop and we are not associated with GentleBirth in any way.