Pregnancy Yoga

pregnancy yoga classes

Taught by expert prenatal yoga teachers in Co Wicklow.

Independent Yoga Teachers Collective – contact each teacher directly for their schedule of classes and prices. 

Gentle, fun, educational yoga classes for a healthier pregnancy and birth. Promotes optimum health for you and your baby and prepare you for birth.

Strengthening, toning and stretching areas of your body needed to support your growing baby and facilitate an easier birth.

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Mum N Baby Post-Natal Yogamum-n-baby-yoga-class

Whether you have done yoga while pregnant or not this is a great way to start back exercising after having a baby, no yoga experience necessary.  Although the postnatal yoga is for the mothers, the class is playful and fun with rhymes and songs for the babies so they also enjoy it. Some baby yoga and baby massage included. 

The aim is to gently strengthen and tone areas of the body that have been challenged during the pregnancy and birth process.  Even if you have never done pregnancy yoga or never even done yoga in your life you can join this class. 

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“Well I don’t know how to thank you, yoga rules!  Only at hospital an hour when James was born, 32 mins after I was examined, half oz shy of 8lbs.   Gas and air only…  don’t even feel like I’ve given birth.  Thank you so much.”

~ Rachel, Wicklow

“just to let you know our beautiful daughter Moya arrived last night.  Everything went fantastic and very fast.  Got home this morning.  Would like to thank you sincerely for the last few months of both physical and mental preparation that truly helped me in the hard hours last night.  Look forward to seeing you soon”.

~ Sarah, Greystones

“thanks for all your help in yoga, the 3 stage breathing really helped with anxiety during the c-section and the pain this morning, thanks again.

~ Caragh, Greystones

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